Free Terminal

Are you looking to save money and get great rates for credit card processing?  Dont waste money on expensive leases on equipment.  For years small businesses have been overpaying excessive "lease terminal" fees which wind up costing you 10x the cost of lease!  We've seen the horror stories of merchants locking themselves into long term leases on a terminal that they later regret.

How It Works

The FREE credit card processor machine program is easy.  In order to qualify for our free terminal program you must signup or switch over to our small business friendly lower cost merchant processing services. Our merchant credit card services are low cost and likely a better deal and cheaper then what you are paying now. Once your account is approved we can then setup, program, and ship you a completely FREE credit card terminal ready to go and start processing! All you do is pay the shipping and handling fees. (about $25 for setup/programming/shipping).


Your machine will be programmed and ready to start processing!  Please note this offer program will be a basic traditional dialup terminal, so you must have a dial up / telephone or IP / internet connection available which will dial out and confirm the transaction.


Contact us or call us at 855-855-7818 and ask about out free credit card terminal offer!