Do you know that you can build a outside sales career in the credit card processing industry?  Little is known about the agent progams in the merchant acquiring industry.  First to know is that you will earn commissions and profits on EVERY Swipe!  It takes time to build up a portfolio, and dont expect huge profits in the beginning. But overtime as you build up accounts you can easily earn a solid recurring income stream.

Merchant Account Agent Commision programs also offer bonuses on every new signup you generate for the processor.  Bonus programs are typically range from $100-$400 per new merchant account you setup!  You can also upsell other products such as Merchant Cash Advance, High Risk Merchant Accounts, Merchant Loans, and POS systems.  Some websites that offer more information about merchant account agent programs and cash advance agent programs.  We've also worked recently with the Advantage Bankcard Agent Bonus Programs for setting up high risk and cash advance programs.

For more information on Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) programs, You can visit this MCA website and read up more on the BCA industry.

Quick Information about the merchant account acquiring industry:

  • No experience necessary. Each Processor typically offers training programs, although much of it is simple and can be learned online or on Youtube.  On youtube search for careers in credit card processing or careers in merchant services.
  • No college degree necessary, no licensing and no restrictions. Anyone can be an agent.
  • Good social skills are a plus, some cold calling may be necessary.
  • Financial background is a plus and a basic understanding of how credit card processing works.